Handwriting Analysis & Behavioral Profiling
for Human Resource Professionals

  • Avoid hiring dishonest, incompetent, or unreliable employees.

  • Who is causing trouble in the department?

  • Do you have the right employee in the right job?

  • Is the new hire going to destroy the good dynamic existing in a department?

  • Can the new hire take the initiative, or will he have to be supervised at all times?

  • Does the employee who was just let go have the potential for violence?

  • What is the best environment for the new hire? Office alone?  With people?

  • Can the new hire be trusted with proprietary secrets and money?

  • Does the new hire have the ability to stick with a long-term project?

  • Does the employee have the determination, focus, and persistence to get the job done?

  • How much positive reinforcement does the new hire need to feel valued?

  • What are the new hire’s goal setting abilities?

  • Does the new hire procrastinate?

  • How comfortable does the new hire feel meeting new people?

  • Is the new hire potential leadership material?

  • Can the new hire inspire others to bring out their best?

  • Is the new hire self-confident or will he feel threatened by other’s successes?

  • How sensitive to criticism is the new hire?

  • What is the best way to approach an employee with constructive criticism?

  • Does the employee think short-term (detailed) or long-term (whole picture)?